Whitman Council Inc. is a Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC)

that is funded by:

The Division of Housing and Community Development.



Mission The purpose of the Corporation is to advance the educational, civic, social, commercial, and economic interests and general welfare and prosperity of that part of the City of Philadelphia known as the Whitman area as well as to acquire, preserve and distribute educational, civic, social and commercial information of value; to have a part in the consideration and decision making of public policy in Municipal, county, State, and National affairs; to arrange, promote, conduct, sponsor, and hold dances, entertainment, social events, parties, picnics, musical programs and affairs for the amusement, advantages, and benefit of the people of the Whitman community.

Whitman Council Board of Directors 2015-2017

President- Mark Kapczynski
Vice President- Richard Lazer
Treasurer- Carol Kenney
Secretary- Laura McColgan

Class A Directors
William Edwards
Elijah Mason
Ed McBride
Marie Beren
Michael Mascuilli
Richard Foley
Brian Donnelly
Francis Mayo
Heather Nash

Class B Directors
Melissa McCullough

The board members serve for a term of 2 years. The trem runs from October 1 through September 21 - two years later. The next term will begin in October 1, 2017 and end on September 31, 2019. To run for a Class A Director’s seat, you must live within the Whitman Boundries (south side of Snyder Ave to I95 Below Pattison Ave, and from the east side of 7th Street to the Delaware River. The Officer seats require the same residencecy but, you must have served a FULL 2 year term as an A Director first.

Class B Directors are appointed by the sitting board at the time of application. There are 4 Officer seats, 9 Class A seats, and upto 5 Class B seats.

Class B Directors must live within Whitman’s Service Area. The borders are somewhat confusing to explain, therefore you should call the office to find out if you are within our boundries.

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Whitman Council Inc
2455 South Third Street
Philadelphia, PA.  19148
(215) 468-4056 Voice
(215) 468-4056 Fax
(215) 948-2392 Text

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If your street does not have a block captain, please call our office at 215-468-4056 and volunteer your services. All we ask is that you deliver to your block a quarterly Newsletter and an occasional flier.


Sponsored by: DHCD “Division of Housing and Community Development